An air track is a revolutionary air product, resembling a bouncing floor designed to be used in all sports, especially in gymnastics, martial arts, acrogym, tricking, parkour etc. Everyone will have a blast using Air Tracks to level up their skills! With the help of an air track performers around the world have a powerful tool, ideal for experiencing new movements and develop new techniques, which will set their standard to a higher performance level. The Air Tracks are airtight, completely silent, very small in storage and setup is extremely fast.  

Yes, our air tracks can be used in the water and on the grass all year around.  Just make sure there are no sharp objects underneath. To protect your air track if using in the garden, just put some good layer underneath. Air tracks left outside unattended on the extreme heat can get damaged. Please keep in mind the outside temperature affects the air pressure inside the products. Letting air out in the heat and adding air in the cold is required for safety and preventing damage.

Yes, sure. We have sucessfully supplied our inflatable equipment to sports clubs and gyms around New Zealand. Please send us an email to info@topairtracks.com with your details and we will send you an official quote within 1 working day.

If you are not satisfied with the product, we will exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase (if it is in the original new condition).

Air Track 100 has 10 cm thickness, it suits the beginner to intermediate tumbler, it is light weight, completely silent, portable, versatile and great for outdoor and indoor practice. Ideal for performing walk overs, handsprings, back tucks and more. Air Tracks 100  should be inflated with a high pressure due to their thickness. 

Air Track 150 has 15 cm thickness. It suits the beginner to advance tumbler, more versatile than Air Tracks 100 as you can adjust the pressure. Lower air pressure provides a softer surface for a slow and easy bounce, while high-pressure grants for a fast and technical bounce. Portable, takes little space once deflated, great for indoor and outdoor practice. Ideal for practicing walkovers, handsprings, back tucks, round offs, lays, halves, fulls, multiples and more. Can be rolled up and stored in less than 10 minutes! Ideal for transport and storage!

Air Track 200 has 20 cm thickness - the most popular model, it suits the beginner to advance tumbler, has more options compare to Air Tracks 100 as you can adjust pressure. You can make it softer for a slow and easy bounce or firm for a fast and technical bounce. Versatile, completely silent, great for indoor and outdoor practice. Popular choice for sport clubs and home use as well. Ideal for practicing walk overs, handsprings, back tucks, round offs, lays, halfs, fulls, multiples and more. 

​Air Track 300 has 30 cm thickness - premium model, completely silent, ideal for sport clubs and education facilities, it suits beginners to advance users, the most versatile and the bounciest model. Ideal for indoor and outdoor practice, great for full range of different activities that require extra support. You can adjust air pressure easily and make it softer or firmer in a matter of seconds.

Yes, LayBuy is now available in our store, as well as AfterPay. You can own your Air Track now and pay it off through equal weekly payments.

We accept payments through credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Laybuy, Afterpay.

We sell premium quality air tracks which are manufactured using the most advanced European and Korean technology. The material used is 1000D - highly durable double wall fabric. Specialized quality control is done on all air tracks. This ensures they are safe for children and are very durable. 

You will receive your custom-made Air Track in 3 weeks from the date of payment. If you live in a rural area, the time frame for delivery can be longer. Public holidays can affect delivery schedule.

Yes, please Click here: Download pdf

For your peace of mind we offer 2 Years manufacturers warranty on all Air Track products. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or questions.

You can order Air Tracks and smaller inflatables in a range of different colors: purple, green, mint, white, black, blue, dark blue, yellow, mustard, red or pink. When making an order, if you don't see a color you want in the list, send us an email or make a note during checkout

Yes, please check Available Now section, which we update regularly. The models listed in this section can be shipped immediately, taking 1-3 days for delivery (within NZ).

If there was no serious damage then the reason it is deflating quickly is because the valve button has not been pressed out after you detached the pump. When you inflate it, make sure to release the valve button (so it is pressed out) before closing the cap. You can also use this valve button to adjust the air pressure if you want to make the Air Track firmer or softer (bounciness) dependent on the exercises you do. Check out this video if you still not sure if you do it correctly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfd5liyFXgM

White marks on the body are normal and they can gradually almost disappear with use. They are caused by tight folding and don't affect the mat's performance or it's lifetime (here is a link to a video from our sister company, explaining this -  https://youtu.be/DWuDphaQ5bA

To pay with Laybuy or Afterpay, go through a standard checkout process, by entering your shipping details first, then you will see options to pay, which will include Laybuy and Afterpay. If you haven't registered with these payments systems before, it takes just a few minutes. They are both interest free and allow to have the product now and pay for it over time.

Yes, we do. Our water platforms can be made in any size or shape. The rigid construction guarantees it won't bend, flip, or submerge - which means it can handle whatever brand of fun you throw at it. They are incredibly stable when inflated but easily packs down into most boat storage lockers.